What really produces the profits in your business: machines or people?

What really produces the profits in your business: machines or people?


Informed business owners recognise that, in order to ensure future success, their business protection strategy is critical. It can be the difference between the company surviving or going out of business altogether.

Many IGA members are independent limited companies or partnerships and are often family run businesses.  How many people and their families rely on the income from your business?

What is Business Protection?

The first things that are often insured are the fixed assets in the business. The premises, machinery, portable tools.  But if you insure these assets, why wouldn’t you insure the most valuable assets in your business – your people?

Have you considered what will happen to the business and the people, if something happens to you or one of the partners/shareholders or a key employee of the business?

Here’s a quick guide to the kind of protection that you should consider:

Business Continuity:

Putting plans in place provides a framework to minimise down time and to get the business back up and running as quickly as possible.

Business Succession:

Ensuring the business remains in the right hands at the right time is incredibly important if something unexpected were to happen to a shareholder or partner of a business.

The Partners& team will work with you to develop and implement appropriate solutions to provide the stability you need to keep your business running if something catastrophic were to happen, keeping your business, your people and your livelihood protected.

How Parners& can help

Key Person Cover – protects your business against the loss of an individual who is critical to the company.  This can help replace the key person and protect against revenues, as well as the cost of recruiting a similar talent.

Business Loan Protection – provides the necessary funds to repay outstanding loans and debts as the result the loss of a business owner or a person on whom the business relies.

Shareholder Protection – Ensures control of the company is retained by the appropriate individuals and the beneficiaries are financially protected if a shareholder or partner were to die or be diagnosed with a serious illness.

Relevant Life – Provides a tax efficient death in service benefit on an individual basis, which can be vital to protect the families who rely on the business.

Income Protection – Enables expenditure and lifestyle needs to be met if an accident or sickness were to prevent the individual from working in the short or long term. 

How Partners& can help you protect your business

Partners& can work with you and put into place a protection programme tailored to your business and individual needs.

For further information please get in touch by calling the IGA Member Helpline on 01788 225 908, or by emailing enquiries@rmif.co.uk. You will be introduced to a member of the Partners& specialist business protection team who will be able to give you more information and advice on your bespoke requirements.