The Technical Helpline is supported by fully trained, RMI employed staff that have a wealth of hands-on technical experience in vehicle repairs and customer care.

We don’t suggest that we have the answer for every fault that can go wrong with a vehicle, but we are here to discuss your concerns and offer guidance as required, and advise if we have any common issues with the vehicle in question.

We are available to discuss, advise and support you when: you are experiencing problem repairs, help you with undocumented fault codes or guide you through wiring diagrams. Sometimes this can help in situations where technicians have become ‘snow blind’ with the situation they are in – it’s ‘good to talk’ as they say!

We can guide you through the process of accessing technical data sites, including vehicle manufacturer’s web sites which may also give access to repair information and allow access to vehicle service history too.

  • Annual VAT-free fee of £135.00 (36p per day) and gives access to a telephone helpline – Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm (excluding bank holidays)
  • Includes 10 Tech Tips bulletins per year which are currently posted in ‘hard copy’ format
  • Online Technical Forum which gives subscribers 24-hour access to post and review technical issues for motor vehicle mechanical, electrical and body repair topics