Counterfeit Automotive Parts in the UK

Independent garages are responsible for the safety and reliability of over 14 million cars in the UK each year. This is being jeopardised by the sale of counterfeit car parts infiltrating/flooding the market.

Counterfeit parts not only compromise vehicle performance but also pose substantial risks to drivers, passengers, and fellow road users. Whether these parts enter our inventory inadvertently or are brought in by customers for installation, the integrity and trustworthiness of independent garages hang in the balance.

The UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) seeks our assistance in gauging the scale of this issue through a concise survey they’ve crafted to capture our experiences. The results will inform a new UK education campaign to help consumers, technicians, and garages understand the risks and buy safely.  The names and contact details of participants will not be published or made available to any individual or organisation outside the IPO, and will be used solely to compile the results.

Rest assured, your participation in this survey is confidential. Your personal information will remain safeguarded and used solely for result compilation by the IPO

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Below, BMW have been kind enough to provide an excellent example to the Intellectual Property Office showing the risks associated with counterfeit vehicle parts.

By sharing your experiences, you contribute to the preservation of independent garage reputations. Your input could avert potential accidents and financial setbacks for consumers and our establishments. You can continue reporting your counterfeit car parts experiences to your local Trading Standards. You can find your local office here:

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