Updates from DVSA – MOT guidance

Updates from DVSA – MOT guidance


The DVSA has published two collections of information relevant to members who carry out MOTs – “Being an MOT Tester” and “Running an MOT Centre

The information on the pages is not new but the collections gather a range of official guidance, forms and documents into one place, making it easier to read or bookmark for later.

Topics included in the Running an MOT centre collection are:

  • Set up an MOT centre
  • MOT testing and IT equipment
  • Buy MOT slots
  • Record MOT test results
  • Manage testing standards at your MOT centre
  • Display posters in your MOT centre
  • Close your MOT centre
  • Stay up to date

Topics gathered in Being an MOT tester are:

  • Qualify as an MOT tester
  • Record MOT test results
  • Check the guidance on testing
  • Take annual training and assessment
  • Stay up to date

For training on all aspects of MOTs, visit the RMI Academy of Automotive Skills. Many of the courses are offered at preferential rates to IGA members.