Scam Alert: Fraudulent Facebook Messages

Scam Alert: Fraudulent Facebook Messages


The IGA has recently been made aware of a current ongoing Facebook scam targeting businesses.

Fraudsters are posing as Facebook representatives and sending direct messages to business pages. These messages claim that the business page is at risk of deletion due to alleged violations of advertising policies or trademark infringement, but reasons may vary.

The messages includes a link supposedly provided to help resolve the mentioned issues. We would like to remind members to be cautious of clicking on links sent in suspicious messages.

At present, the IGA does not have all the information available on this scam and do not know the end goal of the scammers.

Please let the IGA know if you have been targeted by this scam by calling the IGA Direct Member Helpline on 01788 225 908 or emailing, so we can keep members updated.

For more detailed information on this scam, you can visit Which by clicking here.