Press Release: Independent Garage Association Announces Enrolment Opening for SERMI Scheme in the UK

Press Release: Independent Garage Association Announces Enrolment Opening for SERMI Scheme in the UK

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The Independent Garage Association (IGA) is pleased to announce the opening of enrolment for the Security-related Repair Maintenance Information (SERMI) scheme in the United Kingdom. All UK Independent Operators (IO’s) and Remote Service Suppliers (RSS) are invited to register for the scheme in anticipation of its full implementation on 1st October 2023.

For years, the IGA has been diligently lobbying for access to manufacturers’ information, particularly security technical data, to assist members in effectively repairing cars.

SERMI represents a secure platform that offers independent garages access to security related repair and maintenance information, allowing access to vehicle data. SERMI will enable Independent Garages and Remote Service Suppliers to deliver efficient and reliable services, elevating customer satisfaction and repair to new heights.

Stuart James, Chief Executive of the IGA, stated, “We are delighted to announce the enrolment opening for the SERMI scheme. This initiative reflects our commitment to elevating the standards and reputation of the independent garage sector in the UK. We encourage all Independent Garages and Remote Service Suppliers to seize this opportunity and join us on this transformative journey.”

Direct debits related to SERMI will not start until the scheme goes live.

In the UK, obtaining a SERMI certificate involves applying to RMI Standards & Certification, where applicants will undergo stringent integrity checks in alignment with the SERMI scheme’s guidelines. Essential documents, including a basic DBS check for the business owner and at least one technician, form part of the process.

The IGA encourages the independent sector to embrace the upcoming opportunity of SERMI. By doing so, independent garages will be well-equipped to meet the ever-increasing demands of modern vehicle maintenance, ensuring their businesses thrive in the rapidly evolving automotive landscape.

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Notes to Editors:

  • RMI Standards & Certification provides training, auditing, and certification to the automotive sector.
  • Subscribers will be assessed fairly but stringently in accordance with the rules and processes set out in the SERMI scheme.
  • Information on the EU SERMI scheme is available at

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