Press release: IGA unlocks security information barriers for UK independent garages

Press release: IGA unlocks security information barriers for UK independent garages

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The Independent Garage Association has safeguarded the future of the UK independent garage sector by working with key stakeholders – UK government, Vehicle Manufacturers and Aftermarket Associations – to ensure that appropriately audited garage operators and their authorised employees will have access to Security-related Repair and Maintenance Information (SERMI) to the same level enjoyed by their European counterparts using the same framework as the EU SERMI scheme.

IGA will oversee the UK scheme on a not-for-profit basis, ensuring that access is affordable for all garage businesses.

The SERMI scheme is embedded in EU law and will launch on a rolling basis, country by country beginning on 1 October. The RMI’s ISO company, RMI Standards and Certification (RMISC) is also planning to launch the scheme in the UK on that date.

IGA Chief Executive Stuart James said: “After many years of negotiations over access to security-related information, progress has finally been made. The IGA has broken through the barriers to secure access to the SERMI scheme in a post-Brexit Britain.”

The solution is based around mirroring the system being delivered across Europe, and all operational delivery will adhere to the same precise rules.

The SERMI scheme will accredit vetted independent garages and their vetted employees to access manufacturer technical information on security systems such as keys and ECU coding, through one central audit and certification process.

Accredited garages will gain access to manufacturers’ security level information without the complexity of having to be accredited by each individual manufacturer.

The accreditation scheme will protect the identity of the accredited companies and individuals – whilst the individuals accessing the information will be anonymous to the manufacturers in order to protect their privacy.

Welcoming the agreement, Stuart said:

“For many years we have worked to make this solution become a reality.

“Being able to deliver this level of access on a not-for-profit basis is what a leading trade body should be doing on behalf of the sector it represents. By delivering the scheme at a price affordable to any garage business, we are safeguarding the future of the independent garage sector.

“For good, reputable garage businesses, a long-term solution to accessing vital security-related information is now here. We are inviting any garage interested in taking part in the scheme to get in touch with the IGA to register their interest.”


The Independent Garage Association (IGA) is the largest and most prominent trade body representing UK independent garages. They support members with the day-to-day challenges and complexities of running a garage business and offer a wealth of services, advice and resources, while ensuring that the sector’s voice is heard at Government level.