Reminder: Ensure Compliance with MOT Assessment Deadlines

Reminder: Ensure Compliance with MOT Assessment Deadlines

MOT Annual Training

UPDATED: 23/02/2024

Dear Garage Owners,

As of February 22nd, 2024, a significant number of testers, totalling 29,459 have yet to complete their annual MOT Assessments.

This situation warrants attention for several reasons.

Failure to meet the MOT assessment deadline entails more than just a minor inconvenience. Testers who miss this deadline must demonstrate their proficiency to a representative from the DVSA in a face-to-face evaluation at their place of work.

Before scheduling this demonstration test, technicians must submit a DBS certificate to the DVSA via online channels.

Effective January 8th, testers returning after a disciplinary hiatus of 28 days or those returning after a period of lapse or suspension, which includes failure to complete annual assessments, must also furnish a DBS check.

To ensure compliance and smooth operations, consider the following strategies:

Calendar Management: Highlight the MOT assessment deadline prominently on your calendar. Treat it with the utmost importance, recognising its significance to the success of your garage.

Early Scheduling: Plan and book assessments well in advance to avoid last-minute rushes. Note that the final day to complete assessments in March is the 27th due to the bank holiday.

Gentle Reminders: Provide timely reminders to your testers regarding the impending assessment. A subtle prompt can significantly aid in ensuring timely completion.

Recognition: Upon completing assessments, acknowledge and celebrate this accomplishment. Recognising that it is a collective effort and fostering a culture of acknowledgement can bolster team morale.

In the automotive industry, preparedness is paramount. Don’t allow the MOT assessment deadline to catch you off guard. Instead, adopt a proactive approach as a garage owner, effectively navigating potential challenges.

It is worth noting that an Annual Training Package can now be conveniently purchased online via the RMI Training Academy Website.

For online bookings, kindly click here. Alternatively, you may contact the booking team at 01788 538 399

Best regards

Stuart James
Chief Executive