Member Service Spotlight – Vehicle Visuals

Member Service Spotlight – Vehicle Visuals

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Make your service and repair explanations easy to follow and convert recommended work into revenue with Vehicle Visuals 3D animations, available at an exclusive subscription price to IGA members.

Vehicle Visuals is a platform that offers hundreds of interactive or narrated animations showing vehicle parts and systems to make complex descriptions easy to explain and understand. This can help you to build trust with your customers by breaking down the technical language barrier that prevents them from understanding the reason for essential servicing and repairs.

Customers who see a Vehicle Visuals animation gain confidence to make educated decisions about their vehicle and are more likely to return to the same workshop for future service and repair. Vehicle Visuals is your technical interpreter, creating trust and confience that customers remember.

IGA members can subscribe to Vehicle Visuals at an exclusive price of £30 per month, with the option to contract monthly or annually, to support you and your team in delivering a professional and transparent first-class customer service.

Subscribing gives you access to their ever-growing library of over 450 video animations, providing your business with the following benefits:

  • Enhance your front-of-house staff’s ability to explain the need for additional servicing on your customers’ vehicles by using a visual explanation process.
  • Animated content can be sent to your customers by email, text message, WhatsApp or using social media platforms.
  • Support for training your non-technical staff, who can view the animations and read our technical guides attached to every animation.
  • Enhance direct marketing initiatives, including email campaigns and embedded animations on your website with Vehicle Visuals marketing link videos.

See more clips on the Vehicle Visuals website here.

Vehicle Visuals animations support you and your team in delivering the very best in customer service, with a clear jargon-free communication ensuring that your service team don’t just tell the customer, but show the customer – a picture speaks a thousand words.

If you would like to find out more or subscribe to Vehicle Visuals, please call the IGA member helpline on 01788 225 908 or email