Independent Garage Association Welcomes DfT’s Decision to Retain 3-Year MOT First Test

Independent Garage Association Welcomes DfT’s Decision to Retain 3-Year MOT First Test

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The Independent Garage Association (IGA) welcomes the recent decision by the Department for Transport (DfT) to maintain the current regime of 3-1-1 for MOT testing, meaning that a vehicles first MOT will remain at 3 years from the date of first registration for cars, vans, and motorcycles.

The government’s decision not to proceed with the proposed change comes in response to the concerns raised by the IGA along with other stakeholders, regarding the potential impact on road safety. The statement from the DfT said; “After listening to your feedback, Ministers have decided that motorists will still take the first MOT test three years after buying their new car. The following MOT will continue to be taken once every year.”

The IGA actively lobbied against extending the interval to 4 years, highlighting the importance of MOT inspections in identifying and addressing vehicle defects that could compromise the UK’s outstanding road safety record.

Stuart James, Chief Executive of the Independent Garage Association, commented on the decision, saying, “We are pleased that the government has listened to our concerns and opted to retain the 3-year time period to first MOT. Public safety is paramount, and the decision aligns with our commitment to protecting motorists by ensuring the continued effectiveness of MOT testing in identifying potential safety issues as early as possible.”

The IGA organised a government petition opposing the proposed extension to 4 years, collecting over 11,000 signatures from concerned members and individuals. The significant support received highlights the widespread acknowledgement of the importance of regular MOT inspections in maintaining vehicle safety standards.

James continued: “The IGA looks forward to contributing to discussions on the future of MOT testing and other reforms. Our commitment to promoting road safety and protecting consumers remains unwavering, and we will actively participate in shaping policies that benefit both motorists and the industry.”



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