IGA Subscription Terms & Conditions


It is a requirement of membership that all eligible sites under common ownership/control should be declared and registered into membership. Subscriptions are calculated using the following criteria:

  1. The number of eligible sites
  2. Inclusion of any additional services e.g. Technical Bulletin, QC schemes etc

All charges are subject to VAT unless otherwise stated


Cheque: Full amount at the point of renewal – to be made payable to RMIF and sent to Membership Services, IGA 2-3 Allerton Road, Rugby, Warwickshire, CV23 0PA

Credit/Debit Card: Please telephone Membership Services on 01788 225908

Direct Debit: Full amount at the point of renewal/sign up

Direct Debit Instalment Plan: * Please contact Membership Services team by telephone on 01788 225 908 or email igamembership@rmif.co.uk for details

*Terms and conditions set out in Section 5 apply

    • RMI membership is an annual contract, with the subscription year running for a 12-month period from the date of renewal
    • Each Member shall pay to the RMI an annual subscription of amounts that the RMI may determine from time to time
    • Subscriptions are auto renewable unless cancelled in accordance with Section 6
    • Members will receive notification of their membership renewal approx. 1 month prior to each renewal date
    • Where a member pays by Direct Debit, the renewal notice will include information of Direct Debit presentations for the upcoming year
    • On receipt of the renewal notice, the Member should ensure all information is current and correct. If there are any relevant changes to the business affecting the subscription, the Member must notify the Membership Services team in writing of such changes within 10 working days
    • Should a subscription remain unpaid beyond its renewal date, the Member will receive further reminder notices
    • Should a Member be one month or more in arrears of payment of its subscription, the Member shall not be entitled to enjoy, receive or participate in any of the RMI’s membership services until the amount outstanding has been paid
    • Should a subscription remain unpaid 3 months past the renewal date, the Member will be removed from membership and the RMI will confirm this in writing to the company
    • When membership ceases, the company will no longer be entitled to enjoy or receive any preferential deals or services provided by commercial partners/suppliers for the benefit of RMI Members
    • When membership ceases, the company should take immediate steps to remove any RMI and associated signs and logos from display/use to avoid contravention of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008
    • Should a company wish to re-join the RMI after membership has ceased, the company will be required to pay the appropriate subscription and admin fees at the applicable rate for the time
    • Additional services are available which include but are not limited to Technical Bulletin/Helpline, MOT QC Schemes
    • Where a Member subscribes to an additional service, the annual fee for that service will be paid in accordance with the Member’s main membership subscription plan (i.e. payment in full or through direct debit instalments)
    • When adding one of these services to membership part way through their subscription year, the Member may be required to pay the additional service fee in full, irrespective of any instalment facility in place.
    • All additional service subscriptions run in line with the Member’s membership year and will be included in their renewal until such time as the scheme/service is cancelled by the Member.
    • To alter an additional service subscription, the Member should do so at renewal, and should inform Membership Admin within 10 days of receiving their renewal notice.
    • To cancel an additional service subscription, the Member should do so in line with the Cancellation Policy (see section 6)
    • Additional subscriptions, such as technical data packages and Health & Safety are available through fixed term contracts, for which separate contracts are issued apply for the duration of the contract period.
    • Instalment facilities are only available through Direct Debit and upon acceptance of our Instalment Terms & Conditions
    • By taking up an instalment plan and agreeing to the associated Terms & Conditions, the Member agrees to subscribe for a minimum contract period of the current subscription year and cannot cancel membership during that year, either with the RMI or by cancelling their DD Instruction held at their bank.
    • Should a member cancel their DD instruction the Member will become immediately liable for the full outstanding balance of that year
    • If membership has not been cancelled in accordance with section 6, before the renewal date, and the first DD is taken for renewal, it will be deemed that membership has been renewed for that year.
    • An instalment plan will remain in operation on a member’s account until a subscription is cancelled or the payment method or number of instalments is changed (prior to renewal)
    • These Terms & Conditions apply to the first year and subsequent years of a company’s membership, until cancellation/amendment is received.
    • Should a Member’s bank details change, the Member must contact membership services immediately to obtain and complete a new DDI
    • If the amount to be paid by Direct Debit, or the date of presentation changes, the RMI will notify the Member in writing 10 working days in advance of their account being debited, or as otherwise agreed.
    • Once a subscription has been renewed, in full or by first instalment payment, membership cannot be cancelled until the following subscription year.
    • Cancellation of membership must be made in writing 30 days prior to the renewal date by:
  2. Letter – sent to Membership services at IGA, 2-3 Allerton Road, Rugby, Warwickshire, CV23 0PA.
  3. Email – to igamembership@rmif.co.uk
    • Cancellation of additional services must be made in line with 6.2.
    • If a member pays through Direct Debit, the Member should ensure that their DD Instruction is cancelled with their bank before their renewal date but not before the last payment due for the current year
    • The RMI accepts no liability for non-receipt of cancellation sent by standard 1st/2nd class post or through failure of other mediums used. If such an instance were to occur where RMI did not receive the communication resulting in a Direct Debit being taken, a refund would only be made upon validated proof of dispatch of the Member’s cancellation notice (e.g. signature of receipt if sent by Recorded or Special Delivery, copy of fax transmission report, email receipt etc)
    • All cancellations received will be acknowledged in writing by the RMI within 5 working days of receipt. If no such acknowledgement is received the Member should contact Membership services to ensure receipt of their cancellation, and where necessary, resend.
    • If a member does not advise RMI of changes which might affect its subscription and subsequently pays/renews its subscription, there will be no refund due to the Member for any difference in subscription fee which might have applied. Similarly should a Member’s business activities change during a subscription year, no refund will made and the changes will be applied for the next renewal
    • Upon payment (or part payment) of the annual subscription fee, no refund will be made for any cancellation subsequently received during that year
    • Upon payment (or part payment) of an additional service fee, no refund will be made for any cancellation subsequently received during that year
    • No refund will be made in the event of a Member business ceasing to trade, being sold, or where a group disposes of branches part way through a subscription year
    • Should the RMI fail to act on a received written cancellation notice as provided to the RMI in accordance with section 6 which results in a Direct Debit being presented, the RMI will refund the sum taken.
    • Where a member paying through an instalment plan defaults on payments or has other issues resulting in non-payment; or where a fixed term contract is breached (such as the RMI/Autodata joint subscription), the RMI will endeavour to resolve such issues internally with the Member, by telephone, email or letter
    • Where such attempts fail, the RMI may, at its discretion, refer the matter to an external debt recovery service in order to pursue the debt

Failure to enforce, or non-reliance on, any of these Terms & Conditions by the RMI on a particular occasion will not prevent the RMI from subsequently relying on or enforcing them.


The Terms shall be construed in accordance with the laws of England and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.


The RMI is a membership organisation created to represent the best interests of its members and to disseminate information.  Information, including all personal data, will be held in the strictest confidence and will not be divulged to any third party for commercial/marketing purposes.  Information provided by Members will be recorded on a secure database and will only be used for legitimate business purposes and in order to: maintain your membership records, manage subscriptions, process payments and provide the range of services available to you throughout the term of your subscription(s).

The RMI is in full compliance with data protection legislation including the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018.

For more information see our Privacy Policy which is available online at www.rmif.co.uk or on request. Our Privacy Policy is reviewed regularly with all updates published on the website.

The independent garage association is a member association of the Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMIF).

                                                                        Updated 29th January 2024