Could you benefit from working with a life coach?

Could you benefit from working with a life coach?


It has been a stressful few years for everyone in the independent garage sector. Maybe you feel that you have weathered the Covid-19 storms and life is back to normal – or maybe you feel a bit stuck in crisis mode?

Automotive charity Ben’s Life Coaching service can help you get back into the driving seat of your life and career.  A life coach works with you to help you step back, take a look at your goals, and draw up a plan to get there. Although life coaching can feel therapeutic, it is not therapy – coaching doesn’t focus on the past and instead focuses on the present, helping you to create the future you hope to achieve.

By working with a life coach you can learn new tools and strategies to help you stay focused and motivated so you can make positive, lasting changes.

Your life coach will ask you relevant questions to explore what you want to achieve in life and what areas could be improved as well as help you see where you would like to see yourself in the future. In each session your life coach will offer you space to reflect on your progress and provide feedback to help you to stay motivated and focused on your goals. Your coach may occasionally set you tasks and objectives to work on outside of your sessions. You’ll finish the sessions with  a personal toolkit, packed full of useful resources to help you confidently face future life challenges.

What you choose to focus on with your life coach will be private to you, but Ben says its coaches often work with people on:-

  • Moving forward in your career
  • Dealing with difficult situations in the workplace
  • Building up confidence
  • Money, and your relationship with it
  • Work/life balance

Ben’s life coaches are all members of a professional coaching body such as the EMCC UK and the ICF, which means that they uphold professional standards which promote good moral and ethical practice.

Ben’s life coaching is free for anyone who works, or has worked, in the UK automotive industry. You can access life coaching by completing Ben’s short online referral form, or by calling the Ben helpline team on 08081 311 333 and asking for ‘life coaching’.

How Ben can help you

Ben is the charity dedicated to supporting the people of the automotive industry, providing support for life for them and their family dependents. They work with people to improve their lives by enhancing their health and wellbeing through its free and confidential online self-help, helpline and support services.

Visit, chat with them online here or call their helpline on 08081 311 333.