4-1-1 MOT consultation – sign the petition and have your say

4-1-1 MOT consultation – sign the petition and have your say


Following extensive campaigning from the IGA and other automotive trade bodies, and meeting with DfT and DVSA, the MOT consultation response period has been extended to 22nd March 2023.

While this is great news as it allows more time to carry out research and respond to the consultation, the government’s preferred MOT frequency is still 4-1-1, and there are many complex topics within the consultation which still need to be carefully considered due to their potential impacts on road safety and the future of the MOT system.

Please help our campaign by responding to the consultation and signing the petition, which will send a clear message to the Government that any extension to the MOT is dangerous, expensive, damaging and unnecessary. Here’s how you can help:

Sign the Petition:

Sign the automotive industry’s petition to stop the Government’s proposed changes to MOT frequency, and get as many of your customers, staff, friends and family as possible to sign it too. If every IGA member gathered 25 signatures, we would reach the required amount to be considered for debate in Parliament:

Sign the Petition: Do not extend the period before a vehicle’s first MOT to 4 years

For every person who shares the petition on social media, around 100 others will see it, so we have created posts on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn for you to share.

The UK Government will respond to the petition at 10,000 signatures, but we are aiming to reach 100,000 signatures so the subject will be considered for debate in parliament. While the petition is open for six months, the new MOT consultation period ends on 1st March 2023, so time really is of the essence.

Write to your local MP:

After you sign the petition and confirmed your email address, you will find a link to contact your local MP. Please click here to download our letter template to write to your them to recruit their support. You can also find your local MP’s contact details by clicking here.

Respond to the Consultation:

Respond directly to the DfT’s consultation by completing their online survey.

Your participation in all sections above is vital to show the DfT the strength of feeling on the proposed changes, and to protect your business, customers and the UK’s road safety record.

Look out for further communications from us containing campaign updates, and don’t forget you can email fightmot@rmif.co.uk to send us your views and ideas to help us further the reach of our campaign.