Trust My Garage Reminder – Update your Garage, Service and Pricing Information

Trust My Garage Reminder – Update your Garage, Service and Pricing Information

Trust My Garage

Trust My Garage is launching a new website later this year to drive consumers to member garages, generating more leads than ever before.

We have been continuing to contact TMG members via phone and email with invitations to update their garage contact, services and optional pricing information, so we can ensure that TMG website profiles are up-to-date.

If you are a TMG member and have not provided these details yet (either over phone or online), we would be grateful if you could click here to fill out an online form, which should take around 10 minutes.

Filling in your prices will enable the TMG website to provide local customers with your job estimates when they type in their car registration and location once this feature launches. Whilst this feature is optional, it will not cost you anything and will help you to capture leads that may otherwise go to aggregator sites. Any enquiries generated will be ‘sales leads’ for you to deal with directly, and all prices listed on the website will be clearly displayed as estimates only.

If you do not wish to include pricing on your profile, we still recommend that you complete the ‘company information’, ‘opening times’ and ‘services offered’ sections of the form to ensure that your garage profile information is up-to-date when the new website launches.

Thank you for your time. If you have any questions while completing the form, or would prefer to provide details over the phone instead, please call the IGA Member Helpline on 01788 225 908.

If you are a TMG member and have not yet provided your details or do not complete the form above, you can expect to receive a short phone call from a member of the IGA helpline team in the coming weeks asking for this information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we making these changes to Trust My Garage? Please find answers to some of our most commonly asked questions below:

Why are we adding pricing capability to TMG?

More and more motorists are booking work online and having your garage contact information and pricing estimates visible improves clarity and trust. It enables you to capture leads that would otherwise go to aggregator sites.

Why should I bother pricing on TMG if I’m already using other web platforms?

TMG is included as part of your IGA membership, and is working in the best interests of our garage members. It’s another route for business generation without paying any ‘skim’, commission or fees.

Can I alter an ‘estimate’ from TMG website?

Absolutely. It is an estimate and can be subject to change.

How will be I notified of jobs from TMG website?

By email. You can then log in and view the job in the TMG website. Further details will be provided in due course.

How do I change my details or prices?

When the website launches, we will send you further information on how to log in and update or turn off your pricing information. You can also call us to make changes.

When will the website go live?

We are aiming to be live during the 3rd quarter of this year (July to September). We will contact you once the date is set so please look out for details.

Do we have to include our prices?

No, TMG exists purely to help you promote your business as a trusted garage. The choice of where you set your prices and if you wish to publish them is entirely your own. Your garage will still be listed on the TMG website if you do not include your prices.

This doesn’t reflect how I price a service, can you change it?

We’ve had to balance over 3,000 garage members who will all ‘do it their own way’ against the need to standardise some things to build a competitive online website for members. We hope we have achieved a reasonable compromise in enabling good flexibility. Longer term, we aim to continue to enhance both the site itself and its marketing in order to generate more work.

I’m not a Trust My Garage member but am interested in joining, what can I do?

Please call 01788 225 908 or email, where our member helpline team can provide you with more information about the scheme and start your registration. Before joining the scheme, your garage must undergo a site audit to make sure your systems and processes meet the high standards of the code.

If have any further questions, need help filling in the form or would prefer to provide your details over the phone? Please call us on 01788 225 908.