VAT Business Directory Scam

A business directory scam targeting independent garages has been identified.

The organisation, British Business & Commerce, sends an official looking letter to small businesses, telling them they are required under the EU to provide their VAT registration number on documents and therefore must send back their business and VAT details to update their database.

A form is enclosed with basic company information already filled in, but additional information such as the business’s VAT number, Managing Director name and a ‘legally binding signature’ are all required. A business reply envelope is also supplied to send the form back.

Although no payment details are required on the form, the small print below states that the business agrees to the publication of their company’s data indicated on the form and place an order to publish it on, with an annual billing of £977 due upon issue of the invoice.

The letter above was received by an IGA member.

You should also be aware that although this letter is from the British Business & Commerce, you could receive one under a different business name.

If you receive a similar letter or become aware of any suspicious activity, please report it to the IGA Direct Member Helpline on 01788 225 908 as soon as you can, in order for us to alert other members.

You can also report scam letters to the Royal MailCitizens Advice and Action Fraud.