UK Data Control Business Scam

The IGA has been made aware of a new scam being circulated, headed ‘UK Data Control’.

It looks like an official Government document but has an address in Hamburg, Germany, and asks the recipient to provide their VAT Registration Number to update the ‘UK-DATA CONTROL portal’. It also includes a form for businesses to check and sign to say their details are correct.

However the small print indicates that for a business to be included on the UK-Data Control Portal there will be a cost of £790 a year, for a minimum of three years.

A photocopy of the scam letter.

Businesses should be aware that this is not from an official Government source, they have no obligation to provide any information to this company, and that if they sign and return the form they could end up being tied into a contract and liable for high costs.

If you are concerned about a letter, email or phone call you have received, telephone Trading Standards on 01224 523737 and ask for Business Advice.

You can also call our Direct Member Helpline on 01788 225 908 if you are aware of a scam affecting garages, so we can share this important information with our members.