The RMI can help you fill out DVSA’s VT01 forms

The RMI can help you fill out DVSA’s VT01 forms

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Did you know that if you are an MOT QC or Technical Helpline subscriber, the RMI can assist you with filling in VT01 forms required by the DVSA for any changes made to your Vehicle Testing Station?

The RMI can help should you require assistance in adding/changing an AEDM, applying to become an AE, making a change to a current AE or becoming an AE following cessation. We can also assist you in your MOT testing station application, applying to set up a new MOT station, applying to take on an existing test station, taking on a test station that was previous approved but no longer testing, or making a change to a current MOT test station, for example test classes, equipment or VTS name.

Our experts in the MOT application process have helped hundreds of garages with the VT01 form via our dedicated helpline. No matter the query we are more than willing to help!

Where to get the form?

The form is easy to obtain. Either click the link below, or put “VT01” into your search engine and look for the GOV.UK link.

Apply to open, run or change an MOT testing station (

Who needs to fill in the form?

This depends on what type of application is being filled out, a few examples will be listed. A partner in a partnership, director of the company and/or the sole trader.

What additional information will I need for this?

In some parts of the VT01 the section requires a valid DBS check, Solicitors letter, training certificates, various business documents, site drawings, VTS number or MTS user ID. The RMI can assist you with any supporting documents needed.

Should you need any help with this form, please call the IGA Member Helpline on 01788 225 908 or email