Press Release: DVSA Announces New Annual Training Measures for MOT Testers

Press Release: DVSA Announces New Annual Training Measures for MOT Testers

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At the Independent Garage Association (IGA) member event (18 October 2023) in Runcorn, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) announced new Annual Training measures for MOT testers who fail to complete their annual training within the annual training year.  

Currently, MOT testers failing to complete the year’s annual training are required to do a demonstration test with the DVSA and complete the current year’s annual training. 

As of January 2024, MOT testers who fail to complete the year’s annual training who later want to be reinstated as an MOT tester, will be required to complete a DBS check, a DVSA demonstration and the current year’s annual training. The DBS check must be uploaded to the MOT Admin Hub and be available at the time of the DVSA demonstration.  

Stuart James, IGA Chief Executive comments: “It’s essential for MOT testers to understand the importance of staying current with their annual training. Failing to complete these requirements and subsequently encountering challenges with the DBS check may affect their eligibility for reinstatement as an MOT tester. The DVSA’s commitment to maintaining industry standards is clear, and it’s our hope that all testers will embrace this opportunity to continue providing a high-quality service to the public. 

“As the leading trade association in the UK’s independent automotive sector, our dedication to assisting MOT centres across the industry remains unwavering. The IGA is here to support the independent sector with all of their training needs.” 

Testers can book their annual training now by calling 01788 538 399. Visit for annual training options. 



  • The RMI Academy of Automotive Skills was set up by the Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMI) in 2015 to act as a leading resource for automotive training in the UK and delivers high quality cost effective training without commercial interests.
  • Information on annual MOT tester training can be found here.
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