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We know that providing services for your customers is just a small element of what goes into running your garage.


IGA membership is designed to ensure that garages like yours have access to support that covers all aspects of running a business – ultimately to ensure that your garage thrives!
From a dedicated technical helpline, members forum, legal advice, to HR support – we have you covered with IGA Membership.
All IGA members have access to Technical Support, Technical Training, Business Support as well as access to Trust My Garage Code of Practice. 
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Technical Support

The Technical Helpline is supported by fully trained, RMI employed staff that have a wealth of hands-on technical experience in vehicle repairs and customer care.

We don’t suggest that we have the answer for every fault that can go wrong with a vehicle, but we are here to discuss your concerns and offer guidance as required, and advise if we have any common issues with the vehicle in question.

We are available to discuss, advise and support you when: you are experiencing problem repairs, help you with undocumented fault codes or guide you through wiring diagrams. Sometimes this can help in situations where technicians have become ‘snow blind’ with the situation they are in – it’s ‘good to talk’ as they say!

We can guide you through the process of accessing technical data sites, including vehicle manufacturer’s web sites which may also give access to repair information and allow access to vehicle service history too.

  • Annual VAT-free fee of £135.00 (36p per day) and gives access to a telephone helpline – Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm (excluding bank holidays)
  • Includes 10 Tech Tips bulletins per year which are currently posted in ‘hard copy’ format (includes all past copies of the Tech Tips to view online)
  • Online Technical Forum which gives subscribers 24-hour access to post and review technical issues for motor vehicle mechanical, electrical and body repair topics

Many independents already harness the power of the internet for technical information – indeed the majority of manufacturer information is delivered online these days. But information alone is not enough to solve some vehicle problems. What is needed is insight and advice – and the IGA’s member forum can help you learn from your peers and share your experiences.

The IGA member forum is a growing platform of shared technical information. You can post, share and discuss technical problems with fellow members, post product reviews, discuss the latest MOT news and more.

The forum can be used on your smartphone too, so you can access it anywhere. Anyone can view the forum, but you must be an IGA member to log in and post.

IGA members can rent Opus IVS’ multi-function diagnostics platform DrivePro at a reduced rate of only £350 per month, with no long-term commitment or contractual fees.

  • Exclusive to IGA members
  • Only £350 a month with no deposit or upfront cost
  • No long-term commitment – you can cancel your rental at any time after 3 months initial use (must provide 30 days’ notice)
  • Use of IVS 360™. This unique diagnostic support service gives you instant access to brand specific OEM-trained Master Technicians, for live step-by-step guidance.
  • Access to pay as you go Remote Assist Programming (RAP®) services

Fully supported multi-brand diagnostic solution

The DrivePro™ Elite Diagnostic Kit brings you all the advanced capabilities of our revolutionary DrivePro, also our capability of our R.A.P and Remote Services offering – enabling your workshop to carry out Control Unit Reprogramming, Variant Coding and Complex OEM Diagnostic Procedures.

IVS 360TM Support

Live support from over 100 OE brand-specific master technicians who remote directly into the vehicle providing repair guidance and flash programming services.

Diagnostic Software

In-depth diagnostic software for 64 vehicle brands across 3 diagnostics Software’s.

Built-in DriveRAP Service

Hassle-free, flash programming remotely performed by our IVS 360 support team eliminates the uncertainty of programming a vehicle yourself.

Rugged Automotive Tablet

With built-in software and a simple user interface, DrivePro has been made easy to use and more affordable than buying the software directly.

Vehicle Visuals

Make your service and repair explanations easy to follow and convert recommended work into revenue with Vehicle Visuals 3D animations, available at an exclusive subscription price to IGA members.

Vehicle Visuals is a platform that offers hundreds of interactive or narrated animations showing vehicle parts and systems to make complex descriptions easy to explain and understand. This can help you to build trust with your customers by breaking down the technical language barrier that prevents them from understanding the reason for essential servicing and repairs.

Customers who see a Vehicle Visuals animation gain confidence to make educated decisions about their vehicle and are more likely to return to the same workshop for future service and repair. Vehicle Visuals is your technical interpreter, creating trust and confience that customers remember.

IGA members can subscribe to Vehicle Visuals at an exclusive price of £30 per month, with the option to contract monthly or annually, to support you and your team in delivering a professional and transparent first-class customer service.

Subscribing gives you access to their ever-growing library of over 450 video animations, providing your business with the following benefits:

  • Enhance your front-of-house staff’s ability to explain the need for additional servicing on your customers’ vehicles by using a visual explanation process.
  • Animated content can be sent to your customers by email, text message, WhatsApp or using social media platforms.
  • Support for training your non-technical staff, who can view the animations and read our technical guides attached to every animation.
  • Enhance direct marketing initiatives, including email campaigns and embedded animations on your website with Vehicle Visuals marketing link videos.

See more clips on the Vehicle Visuals website here.

Vehicle Visuals animations support you and your team in delivering the very best in customer service, with a clear jargon-free communication ensuring that your service team don’t just tell the customer, but show the customer – a picture speaks a thousand words.

Technical Training

The RMI Academy of Automotive Skills has of state of the art training facilities located in Southam, Runcorn, Lincoln, Winchester and Cheltenham.

All RMI Academy training venues offer top quality training without commercial interests for the retail automotive sector.

The Academies offer an ever-growing range of MOT, annual and technical training, including:

  • MOT Tester training – Class 4 & 7, Class 1 & 2, Class 5
  • MOT Centre Management
  • Vehicle Technician Accredited Assessment (VTAA)
  • F-Gas
  • Six MOT Annual Training options
  • Technical Training, including Hybrid/Electric Vehicles, ADAS and Wheel Alignment
  • Bespoke Training

IGA members currently receive Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Repair Level 3 training at a heavily subsidised rate of £250 + VAT.

You can find more information about all of the courses by visiting the RMI Academy website. You can also call 01788 225 908 for any enquiries.

MOT Annual Training

Six MOT annual training packages are available through the RMI Academy of Automotive Skills, to support your testers and ensure they can confidently complete DVSA’s mandatory training requirements by 31st March each year to keep their tester status.

Annual Training Workbooks – £45

These popular, cost-effective annual training workbooks allow testers to train in their own time. The books contain self-learning material, sample assessment questions, a training log and personal login details to access the online assessment.

E-Learning – £60

Annual training and the online assessment can be carried out fully online through the RMI Academy’s e-learning platform, which combines text, photos, questions and answers, interactive elements and for an engaging learning experience.

Classroom Training – £95

For testers who prefer face-to-face training, their annual training and assessment can both be conveniently completed in half a day at RMI Academy of Automotive Skills sites in Runcorn, Lincoln, Southam or Winchester.

Enhanced Classroom Training – £195

An enhanced, full-day classroom option is available for testers who would like in-depth training beyond the minimum three hours of training required by DVSA. This package is available for Class 4 & 7 vehicles only.

Regional Training Events – £70

Training is delivered at regional events across the country and throughout the year, so that testers have access to face-to-face learning no matter where they are in the country. This package includes a training session, an RMI workbook and access to the online assessment. These events are available for Class 4 & 7 only, and a full list of upcoming events can be found at www.RMItrainingAcademy.co.uk. The online assessment must be taken outside of the course.

On-site Training – £245 for RMI members, £295 for non-members

Annual training can be delivered at your premises for up to 6 testers. The online assessment must be purchased separately at a cost of £34 per tester, and can be taken immediately after the course or at a later date.

To book a package or enquire, please call 01788 539 399, or visit RMItrainingAcademy.co.uk for further information.

All options are available for Class 4 & 7 and 1 & 2 vehicles and include access to the online assessment unless specified, prices exclude VAT.

Being a member of the Independent Garage Association provides you and your technicians with a range of training opportunities.

Our suite of technical training courses span all skill levels, progressing from introductory half day on-site training to comprehensive classroom based courses, and are flexible in the way they accommodate the needs of your business. All on-site courses can be arranged on a date and time that causes the least disruption to your workshop, and RMI Academy courses are available at all training centres.

All of our current technical training courses are listed below. Click on a course for more information, and call 01788 225 908 to book your training on a date that suits you.

The IGA are pleased to offer a complimentary one-month subscription to Autodata’s new online technical training platform, Autodata Training.

This offer is only available to IGA members, so take advantage and sign up here to try out the automotive industry’s leading provider of online technical training.

About Autodata Training

Take your training to the next level, with high-quality e-learning that’s available 24/7 on any smart device. Autodata Training is designed to offer world-class courses for all skill levels.

  • More than 350 video training modules, which can be retaken as often as you need to
  • Delivered in 65 online courses covering 9 areas of study, from fundamentals to advanced diagnostics
  • New courses added every month
  • No hidden charges or lock-in contracts
  • Trusted by thousands of professional technicians in over 65 countries

Sign up for your complimentary subscription here

Offer Terms

  • One complimentary one-month subscription per member
  • Extra subscriptions can be added to the trial for an additional cost of £19.90 per month
  • Your subscription will automatically end at the end of your one-month trial. To retain access at a cost of £19.90 per month, please contact the IGA member helpline
  • You can amend or cancel your subscription at any time
  • All costs exclude VAT

Business Support

IGA members also have access to Business Support Services. Find out more about each service below.

Save money and get instant access to the industry’s most complete and up-to-date original equipment manufacturer (OEM) repair information by combining your IGA membership with an  ALLDATA or Autodata subscription.

Autodata is one of the world’s leading suppliers of technical information for the automotive industry – the technical data spans over 29,000 vehicle models.

ALLDATA Repair contains everything you need for faster diagnostics and OEM-accurate vehicle repair for 25 brands and 80,000 vehicle combinations.

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