Member Service Spotlight: Exclusive Joint IGA Membership Offers

Member Service Spotlight: Exclusive Joint IGA Membership Offers

IGA Services

Combine your IGA membership with Autodata Diagnostic & Repair or ALLDATA Repair to save money while receiving all the benefits of trade body membership along with direct access to OEM diagnostic and repair information.

IGA members can take advantage of exclusive joint membership offers and combine their essential trade association membership with technical information provider solutions.

You can combine IGA membership and Autodata online Diagnostic & Repair, or IGA membership and ALLDATA Repair, for a reduced combination price per annum and save money while receiving a fully inclusive support package.

Both offers are only available as a three-year contracted term, which saves you even more money in the long-term as it fixes the price of all subscriptions for the next three years.

Autodata Diagnostic & Repair features:

  • OEM technical information for 34,000 models from 142 manufacturers, covering 99% of vehicles on the road
  • Official manufacturers’ service schedules including all operations and related technical data with associated illustrations, all embedded directly into webpages to save you time
  • 360,000 wiring diagrams
  • 600,000 technical step-by-step procedures
  • 40,000 vehicle updates took place in the last 12 months
  • Service & Maintenance and Motorcycle options also available

ALLDATA Repair features:

  • OEM repair information directly from manufacturers, including 27 brands and 85,000 unique vehicle combinations with original repair articles, in a comprehensive online portal
  • Easy-to-use navigation and advanced search capability makes it easy to find the information you need quickly and efficiently
  • With original manufacturer maintenance, diagnostic and repair information, you save time and money, can repair vehicles to quality standards and drive repeat business
  • Access to the industry’s largest source of OEM information online 24/7
  • Available as a one or three user package, plus additional licences available

Autodata and ALLDATA subscriptions can also be combined together with your IGA membership as a single package.

To find out more about combining your IGA membership, please call us on 01788 225 908 or email