IGA Technical Open Evening

The IGA’s Technical Open Evening on 20 April is an informative training evening to help boost your garage diagnostic and repair skills.

It’s being hosted in conjunction with Opus IVS, the leading provider of diagnostics solutions backed by OE master technicians.

The event runs from 6pm to 9pm on Thursday 20th April at the RMI Academy in Runcorn. It’s free for garages to attend and will include food and drink.

Following introductions from IGA and Opus IVS, the main technical discussion and training session will cover current BMW hybrid technology. It is being delivered by BMW Master Technician Keith Witherspoon.

This relaxed and informal evening for your whole garage team will offer opportunities to ask your questions and catch up on all the latest developments and tips from within the fast-changing world of automotive diagnostics.

Join us there and tell us about your current experiences as we share best-practice, useful tips, and technical content.

Event Outline

  • Business and market update
  • Latest technology discussion
  • Exclusive technical training (various makes/models)
  • ‘Ask the experts’ Q&A session
  • Food and drink provided


RMI Academy of Automotive Skills
2 Seymour Court
Tudor Road
Manor Park


6:00pm - 9:00pm