Advice from RMI Utilities on managing energy bills

Advice from RMI Utilities on managing energy bills

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With the price of energy constantly changing, the team at RMI Utilities share their latest advice on how to stay in control of your utility bills and reduce your energy costs where possible:

  1. Check that you are on a fixed contract and not on a variable/deemed/out of contract rate. Depending upon the supplier, these can be 3-4 times higher.
  1. Check if your bills are based upon estimated readings. If they are estimated, there will be an (E) on the invoice next to the reading. Make sure you take regular readings and submit these to your supplier, so you are not under or over billed.
  1. If you are struggling to pay your energy bills, don’t bury your head in the sand. In the current market conditions suppliers will not hesitate to proceed to disconnection action so they don’t incur further cost point. Speak with your supplier as soon as possible and discuss a payment plan.
  1. Check for ways to reduce your energy usage – this may be through lighting, heating, or just making sure everything is turned off when you close. The lower your usage, the lower your bills will be as a result.
  1. Speak with a consultant at RMI Utilities if you are having issues or if there is a renewal upcoming. The more time that they have to work on the problem, the better the outcome will be as they will have more time to explore the market and source different options.

RMI Utilities is included within IGA membership. This service will help you to minimise your time and the cost for essential utilities by searching out the very best deals in the market and handling all aspects of the renewal process. They can help you to:

  • Cut costs and save time by researching the entire market on your behalf
  • Avoid you getting caught on ‘roll over’ or expensive utility contracts
  • Ensure you are not ‘locked in’ high price contracts
  • Align multiple supplies to one renewal date to ease future administration
  • Advise on Change of Tenancy, new meter installations, and supplier objections
  • Provide access to energy efficiency products and services
  • Give assistance on all aspects of your telecoms including broadband, mobiles, and phone systems

Please call the IGA Member Helpline on 01788 225 908 or email if you’d like advice and support from RMI Utilities.